Noris Rocío Zhumi Chávez

From Ecuador. She is 34 years old and has got two daughters. She came to Spain when she was 18. She studied higher secondary education in her country. For family reasons, she decided to go to Madrid, where her sister was living. After working as a servant for a family, she decided to come to Mallorca. She can speak Catalan as a native speaker and she took benefit of courses held by the Town Hall to improve her own training. Nowadays, she works for a cleaning firm as well as a cooking assistant in a hospital. Her willingness to help other migrant people and to learn more have been the main
reasons for her to get involved in the European project. She thinks a country is for everybody who wants to integrate in it, and opportunities like this one must be enjoyed because they give a great deal of happiness.

Badia Ezzouazzi Bent-Abdeslam

 Badia Ezzouazzi Bent- Abdeslam is from Morocco. She came to Mallorca 25 years ago. She met a majorcan man when she was working as a guide in the Atles mountain, and it was love at first sight. At first, they spoke in French between themselves but gradually, Badia has learnt Spanish and Catalan. She can speak a perfect Catalan and she has made her dream come true getting a degree in Psychology at University. In the future, she would like to dedicate professionally to what she is doing now: to help the immigrant women. The project allows her the opporutnity to help the immigranat women who have just arrived in Mallorca.


Katrin Rabhi Benaissa

I didn’t realize how fast the time has gone by, but it’s already 29 years living in Spain and 24 on my beloved island Mallorca.
I have learnt a lot of things and I have reached very far with my studies, my knowledge, my opportunities, my supports…..At any time, I felt lonely and this is thanks to the Spaniards. I thank everybody who has been close to me. I have been really lucky with the people I have met along the way. I am so grateful that I almost forget where I come from. I don’t feel a Moroccan person ,but a Spanish citizen.

Marta Borja

Marta Borja is a waitress and a beauty consultant. She was born in Equador and says that she feels herself to be Mallorcan. She has three children and a granddaughter. Her job allows her to approach a lot people and help them somehow. She is eager to help a lot of people through the project.


Sonia Mari a Chamizo

Sonia Maria SoniaChamizo- is from Brazil and I has been living in Palma (M allorca) for a year. she worked in a bank for many years in her country but she never liked her job very much. Actually, what she has always loved doing and something she feels fulfilled with is sewing. By chance, she works here in Palma mending and modify ing clothes and moreover she gives sewing lessons to inmigrant women like me at adult schools such as Cepa Son Canals. It’s a gratifying job because she knows she is contributing from the little that she knows and that it’s being really useful for these women’s lives.