Women’s health talk



Women’s health talk

Digital skill covered

Activity with the computer

Learning objectives

The  purpose is to let the women know about the different health services offered at the public health centres here in Palma such as the health card, the different programmes addressed to women as regards family planning etc..


Participants attended an informative session with the two cultural mediators of the health centre in our neighbourhood as speakers in order to give the useful information about the Spanish public health system and how they can get help related to health problems, both physically and mentally.

The attendees also exchanged food to break the ice while attending the session and they created a warm atmosphere and environment among themselves.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session , the learners will be able to know more about the possibilities they have as far as the health world in our city or even country. They will feel more secure about how to face their health problems especially problems related to women like visits to the gynechologists.
Variables to take into account (e.g. materials, equipment)
  • instructors: 2
  • equipment: Digital whiteboard
  • Computer to display the information explained to the attendees about the health system in public centres.
Recommended number of people From 15-20 people
Previous knowledge and skills required for participation No special skills or knowledge requiered

Recommended duration

one hour approximately
References and other useful sources Pictures taken during the sessions posted on the Citizens first page on facebook