Trip to Sa Bassa Blanca

Cartel salida 28 de abril


Trip to Sa Bassa Blanca (on a bus)

Learning objectives

The objective is to share a moment with children surrounded by art works


Trip to an open-air museum with the immigrant women. The trip has been organized with the women and their children. Most of these women had never gone away from their quarters. Two of them had never even visited a museum. We have enjoyed the nature, the gardens and the explanations of an active and participatory guide who has interacted with the women. Apart from the guide, social workers and the women with children, there have been two students from the Balearic islands University , who study social education and have come with us.

Apart from visiting a museum, the mothers and children have participated in a gymkhana where children and mothers had to discover information about the works exposed.

Learning outcomes

Once the activity is finished, the women play a very different role different from what they tend to develop with their children. Likewise, some immigrant women get to know each other, specially women coming from different nationalities. The women start to enjoy art and nature and they discover a different kind of museum. Finally, they are able to know different places and go out of their houses.

Variables to take into account (e.g. materials, equipment)

  • instructors: 2

  • Cameras to take pictures and record some videos during the visit

Recommended number of people

18 women

Previous knowledge and skills required for participation

No special skills or knowledge requiered

Recommended duration

All morning , approximately 6 hours

References and other useful sources

Pictures taken during the sessions posted on the Citizens first page on facebook