Social Theatre



Social theatre

Digital skill covered

Activity with the use of the computer to display some information about performing.

Learning objectives

The main purposes are to get participants involved in the world of drama and to make them aware of the importance of learning how to perform short plays as a way to improve their social abilities as well as to gain confidence by talking in front of an audience, although it is not a large one.


Participants take part in the sessions by listening to the instructions given by the teacher about how to develop the proper skills to be able to act out as an actor/ actress giving them tips and examples about how to manage to be like real actors.

Then, once the theory has been taught and explained for some weeks, the participants have started to learn some roles ; male roles and female roles to be performed later in front of their partners and the teacher. Then, she has been correcting them and helping them with their problems and questions about performing.

After attending the workshop for about five months and once they have achieved to perform different roles, the group of attendees have represented a play in the workshop in order to put into practice the whole theory and knowledge acquired throughout the course and showing their teacher their accomplishments and success on the world of drama.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants are able to perform short plays either individually, that is to say, monologues or in groups taking the role of another character and representing the performance in front of the other partners attending the workshop.

Likewise, they are able to realize that they feel more self-confident after having learnt the suitable skills about performing plays and then showing their results or outcomes to the rest of partners participating in the workshop. They learn how to act as if they were real actors and actresses and they lose shyness to speak and make gestures as real artists do.

Variables to take into account (e.g. materials, equipment)

  • instructors: 1

  • equipment: garments, tools ,

  • Computer to display information about how to learn the performing skils and watching some videos with actors and actresses in them.

Recommended number of people

From 10-15 people

Previous knowledge and skills required for participation

No special skills or knowledge required.

Recommended duration

Five months approximately with a session carried out one Thursday per month.

References and other useful sources

Use of books and plays by famous authors as well as garments to be worn the last session when performing a play in the workshop for their partners and teacher, different useful tools like swords or crowns and different items in general.