Recycling workshop

cartell reciclatge i sabo



Recycling workshop

Digital skill covered

Activity with the computer

Learning objectives

The purpose is to learn how to recycle properly in Palma and to become aware of the importance of recycling for the environment.


Participants attended a lecture from Emaya on recycling. In the practical part, participants were asked to divide different items into their respective recycling bins.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session the learners will be able to separate the rubbish for recycling correctly and they will be also be more conscious about the environmental problems we already suffer in our planet.
Variables to take into account (e.g. materials, equipment)
  • instructors: 2

  • equipment: recycling coloured bags.

  • Computer to display the recycling process gradually

Recommended number of people

from 20-35 people

Previous knowledge and skills required for participation

No special skills or knowledge requiered

Recommended duration

one hour approximately

References and other useful sources Pictures taken during the sessions posted on the Citizens first page on facebook