Open day at CEPA Son Canals

Cartell Son Canals3

-Activities organized at the school to disseminate the project’s aims, results and current and on going activities.

-Activities organized by stakeholders:

-workshop to make badgets with the project’s logo and feminist sentences by Frida Kahlo. Activities organized by DinamoPalma and The Upper Grade Design school.

-Chinese and Arabic food exhibition

-Poetry reading  in the Arabic and local languages

-A role play performed by two African women to show the consequences of Genital Mutilation.

– Stall with useful information about the policies to fight violence against women.


Activities organized by our association:

  • 2nd hand book sales to raise money for the Solidarity Mallorca funding as well as roses made with candles for the same purpose.
  • Video presentation about the immigrant policies in our town and about the Mediterranean migrations
  • Stall with information about the theatre workshop at our institution. One of the actors was dressed up as Frida Kahlo and was walking around and being photographed with the attendees.
  • Stall with the eco-clothes closet to show the costumes, soft toys and cases etc made by the learners as well as an exhibition of pictures with different outfits and important moments portrayed during this year.
  • Stall with different local dishes to raise money to be given to the above mentioned charity.
  • Activity for children
  • Storytelling and puppets on the legend of Saint George and the Dragon as this open day is always held on this date (the 23rd of April).
  • Frida Kahlo’s story telling on an adptation of her biography adapted for kids.

Attendees :150 people

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