If we were the world

Cartell Pa i Mel


Activity: If we were the world

Digital skill covered

Activity with the computer and filmed with the tablet

Learning objectives

The purpose is to understand the unfair wealth distribution throughout the world using theatre skills.


Participants are divided into small groups representing the different continents in the world.

– A video is shown about the demographic weight and the wealth distribution as well as the lack of basic resources in countries of Asia, Africa an South America.

  • The studends sit on different chairs depending on the wealth distribution. Those students who represent a rich country ‘occupy’ more chairs and sit on them carefully, those who represent developing countries ‘occupy’ less chairs. Those students representing Africa don’t occupy chairs at all and have to stand up all the time, being uncomfortable. Transversely, we have dealt with other important topics like the fair trade, work conditions in the textile factories in Bangladesh, India, China etc. This is shown to see the ‘lack of comfort’ resulting from the lack of basic resources like water supply, electricity. Another topic which we deal with is migration as a consequence of this unfair wealth distribution.

  • After developing the activity students have to describe how they have felt and have to reflect a little bit on that.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session the learners will be able to understand:

-the unfair wealth distribution

-to reflect on the sad consequences of migration

-to reflect on the consequences of relocation.

-to reflect on the necessity to consume fair trade.

-to reflect mainly on inequality

Variables to take into account (e.g. materials, equipment)

  • instructors: 1 per group

  • equipment:r -1 white screen and a computer

  • Camera/Phone – 1 per person

  • Internet

  • software:

a tablet to register the activities

Recommended number of people

Small group between 10 and 20 people.

Previous knowledge and skills required for participation

All the students are immigrant women so they are very mature and their reflections on this topic are full of wisdom and intelligence.

Recommended duration

1 hour

References and other useful sources