Feast of all the social skateholders at the quarter Pere Garau

CEPA Son Canals has participated with a stall displaying our work and making publicity for next year’s activities for the programme Citizens First.

There has been a peformance starred by Frida Kahlo, the character chosen for the project Citizens First explaining the programme. She has been taken a lot of photos together with the people interested in our stall as well as with the students coming from different primary schools who participated in a raffle of the teddy bears and other objects made by the immigrant women in the clothes closet. The teachers in charged of giving information about our project, gave out leaflets and flyers to the women walkig and visiting the different skateholeders at the quarter and they were quite interested in coming to our adult school next school year to attend different activities coonected with the Citizens First programme especially with the eco-clothes closet, and spanish for foreigners. As it is posted on the facebook webpage, some local managers working for the the local government came up to our stall to get to know more information and being interested in all the activities carried out by our institution and they took some pictures with us and there was also an exchange of experiences with them, too.

It’s worth mentioning that while we were doing the raffle with the different schools, we took advantage of it by giving them some short explanations about who we are and that they could give their mothers information about our adult school and about our programme Citizens First, so that next year, the number of people, especially immigrant women would increase and the programme would be even more successful as it seems to be this year. Our objective, obviously is to spread our programme all around our neighbourhood and reach the highest number of people as possible. By happenstance, some of the children participating in the feast of all the social skateholders at the quarter Pere Garau are some of our immigrant women’s daughters and sons.