Exhibition about Women in Africa


Title Exhibition about Women in Africa
Digital skill covered Photographs and texts on each of them.
Learning objectives The aim of the exhibition is to raise the awareness of all the learners who attend the Adult Education School in terms of gender discrimination in Africa.
Description The exhibition deals with different topics like health, sanitation, working conditions, gender violence, religious beliefs and traditions that affect women like genital mutilation etc.. The learners have to read the texts and then they translate them into English and have to summarize the contents ans present them to the class. Next, they have to use a glossary with specific vocabulary like pib, renta per capita, etc.. Each student has to explain a part.
Learning outcomes By the end of the visit to the exhibition, the learners will be able to have raised their conscience to cooperate in projects of international development and cooperation in Africa.
Variables to take into account (e.g. materials, equipment) ❖     instructors: 1

❖     equipment: Pictures taken in Burkina Fasso by a Mallocan NGO called Mallorca Solidària and the experiencies of these women.

❖     Computer to display the outcome of the gymkhana



Recommended number of people From 15-25 people
Previous knowledge and skills required for participation No special skills or knowledge requiered
Recommended duration Two hours approximately
References and other useful sources Pictures taken during the session posted on the Citizens first page on facebook